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 Adventures on the Road / Crazy Drivers / Idiots / Dashcam / Norcal / Socal

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Posts : 62
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Location : San Francisco 415; LA / San Gabriel Valley 626

PostSubject: Adventures on the Road / Crazy Drivers / Idiots / Dashcam / Norcal / Socal    Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:21 pm

For the entire life of ownership of this Geo Prizm, I've enjoyed cruising and spirited driving for the pure fun, joy, and thrill of it in a safe, controlled manner and environment. I know very well that my car is very slow haha and cannot make it up a steep incline. So I try to enjoy the ride from A to B as much as I can.

Unfortunately, you know as much as I that there are countless drivers out there who believe they own the road, infringe upon others' right-of-way, think they're the hottest turd on the asphalt, or are just plainly insane / idiotic.

Here are my encounters from Northern California and Southern California.
Pictures and soon-to-come dashcam videos will be posted. :-)

1997 Geo Prizm Midnight Green - 159k miles and counting 4afe

Verified trader: same screen name across forums and on ebay
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Posts : 62
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Join date : 2013-08-13
Location : San Francisco 415; LA / San Gabriel Valley 626

PostSubject: Re: Adventures on the Road / Crazy Drivers / Idiots / Dashcam / Norcal / Socal    Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:22 pm

Reserving Posts for newer stories!

1997 Geo Prizm Midnight Green - 159k miles and counting 4afe

Verified trader: same screen name across forums and on ebay
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Posts : 62
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Join date : 2013-08-13
Location : San Francisco 415; LA / San Gabriel Valley 626

PostSubject: Re: Adventures on the Road / Crazy Drivers / Idiots / Dashcam / Norcal / Socal    Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:22 pm

Reserving Post #2 for newer stories!


Add an F150 to the list of SUVs that the Geo Prizm was gaining on in a wide freeway curve when the SUV was barely able to make the turn (significant body roll, going into lane dividers / shoulders at somewhat high speeds), but it was not a race; I was just following to see the hilarity.

Same thing happened with a Grey 2012 Honda Civic with a tighter freeway curve marked with a 50-mph sign. It turned out that the two girls in the front looked like they were in college. They zipped by me after the curve when I had shut down since it was high cop territory.

Older story: Geo Prizm owned by New 2012 Mercedes E350 in white with stickers and was lowered was not thinking and was going fast in the slow lane right up to a huge semi-truck carrying a big tub of gravel or something. Everyone else in the other lanes were cruising by the semi-truck and didn't care about the Mercedes. But the Mercedes continued to tail the semi-truck while getting pelted by countless bits of gravel (even we were getting some of it but not as much). Suddenly, when I get right up to the same level as the Mercedes in the adjacent lane, the guy decides to cut right in front of me when there was plenty of room behind. Then he cuts close in front of the semi-truck, and I'm not happy about this. So I floor it away into another lane. As I passed the Mercedes, I see that he looks at me too and gives a truly oblivious look of confusion at me like what did I do wrong?? lol!

1997 Geo Prizm Midnight Green - 159k miles and counting 4afe

Verified trader: same screen name across forums and on ebay

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Posts : 62
Reputation : 1
Join date : 2013-08-13
Location : San Francisco 415; LA / San Gabriel Valley 626

PostSubject: Re: Adventures on the Road / Crazy Drivers / Idiots / Dashcam / Norcal / Socal    Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:24 pm

Older stories from when I was younger ;-)

This is how my car looked from 2001 - 2008

Most people kill the Geo Prizm on the straights and they know it can be done easily. I'm mostly just driving normally, and everyone else noticeably floors it on me or starts shit with me. I don't know why, but it's not even a challenge for them. My car may sound like it is trying with the Magnaflow muffler, but I'm only pushing on the pedal enough to get the car to go with it's 108hp.
It had ebay "coilovers" the ones you put on stock shocks LOL - so they were harsh as hell and made the car bounce on any uneven road and made it JUMP on huge dips or potholes -- like a rollercoaster.
My college budget also only allowed the ebay "short ram intake" - generic lol.
Aside from that and tint and the Calvin sticker that adds 50 hp, it was otherwise stock but had a nice sound to it :-P Oh yeah, and those Konigs!

Greatest encounter in my memory: Taught an older SUV a lesson - Yes, not so safe...but I was driving home from school in 2006 on the freeway (92 West right before 280 San Mateo) -- the usual wide, sloping curved freeway on a slight uphill. Two-lanes. I was in the fast lane not going too fast but with the flow of traffic. Some 1990's SUV like a Ford Explorer was merging onto the Freeway and wanted to immediately cut into the fast lane. But I was there. So he couldn't. He impatiently and quickly then swerved right behind me and started tailing me uphill. Luckily by then, the uphill was not so uphilly and it was approaching what I considered a slight curve. I saw his look of impatience and pompous smirking in my rear-view mirror too. So then I went WOT and reached the slight curve in the freeway and exited quite faster. I look in my rear-view mirror, and the SUV was 4 - 5 bus-lengths behind and just getting through the curve. Then I notice that the SUV was still turning but wait this was after the curve as it continued to try to turn but understeered and kept going two to three feet into the shoulder / gravel. I'm guessing it tried to take the slight curve at the same speed I was going but could not make it and went into the shoulder while kicking up a bunch of dust and stuff. It then recovered fortunately. Then I just kept going.

2008 - 2009

"i return with kills in my daily driver, the geo [SIZE="5"]prizm[/SIZE] lol.

1) Killed a mercedes ML suv thing on a semi-windy road of about 30-35 mph twisties -- nothing too sharp or long. he sped off after a stop sign, so i figured i'd see if i could catch up without trying too hard on my new tires. my throttle play was at around 50-60% in 2nd gear without hearing any of that throaty intake sound from my generic ebay filter+pipe, and i was on the brakes lightly. On the other hand, he was pressing on the brakes on nearly every turn where i would roll up slowly. i suppose he didn't want to kill himself while heading home from work. lol

2) Then later, when I was approaching a left turn on-ramp to the 280 freeway around the rich neighborhoods, a black truck with black tint and halogen lights pulled behind me to about 1.5 car lengths behind, so i turned onto the on-ramp cutting the corner and going wide to save my tire tread. as i accelerate as i normally would up this on-ramp which was an uphill that put strain on my four-banger engine, i look back and apparently that truck was 4-5 cars behind after he too took that on-ramp (i thought he was going to continue straight on that other road without taking the freeway on-ramp). so i keep going normally and i look back and the truck had pressed on the gas to come up behind pretty close almost tailgating about 3-4 feet behind my car. so i continue to accelerate as i normally do onto a freeway with my 100hp -- taking forever lol. when he got the chance, he immediately cut over and accelerated and cut me off -- not too badly, but obviously intentionally -- perhaps he didn't know the right rear corner of that truck at all. it was all pretty slow as he overtook me with some effort. as the truck passed by, i notice 3 children probably teenagers, so i'm guessing the driver had to impress his friends or had to make up for something by pretending to be macho by being faster than a 100hp car on a freeway after they were unintentionally owned on a slight curve that i wasn't even trying to take fast or else i would have done much more before it all even started. they went about 90-95mph afterwards, so i'm also guessing they're spoiled and/or don't pay for the gas. i also noticed that the passengers were not very cocky because as they passed and as they disappeared ahead, i noticed that the passengers were oddly still and solidly facing forward as if in fear or concentration, so this seems like they had no confidence in their driver or fearful thrill. later down the freeway, i notice a cop still perched slightly behind a freeway entrance, so these kids must have been lucky today. i just hope the passengers will be ok afterall.

it must be the unresistable jdm attention that this green beast of a machine must be drawing hahaha"

"ok starting from the beginning: i was admiring it as i was exiting 280 to westborough off-ramp about 7:00pm when the freeway was still busy but not jammed fortunately. so we both cruised to the stoplight right off the freeway exit and he got there first and had to stop, but i was cruising still cuz i was hoping for it to turn green so i don't have to press on my brakes lol. coincidentally, it turned green as i got to the stoplight where the nsx was stopped, so i cruised by at 35-40 pressing lightly on the gas (magnaflow ricer sounding muffler going slowly) as i noticed he had WOT from the stop and then did a fly-by. it caught up to speed quick as i was still at the same amount of throttle as before. the nsx sounded stock, no turbo or supercharger, but i guess anything from the perspective of my geo prizm would be hella fast haha. it was sweet to see and hear it go WOT, and this person did not cut me off as he apparently had to take a left right away, but they slowed down and cut behind me to take the left even though he had WOT ahead. that is why this is still being told with some amount of respect for that car lol. i'm speculating that he had to maintain some respect somehow for his girl or something, but as they passed, i looked and the girl was just looking through her bag/purse thing. yes, i've been in plenty of cars that would beat a stock nsx on a straight line...heh but it was sweet. i still would not mind having one.

otherwise, it has been very quiet when i'm driving the supra

Tis the merry holiday season with the nicest holiday shoppers in the spirit...yeah right! Kids are all off of school now -- so that adds more mayhem and anarchy

Killed by Toyota Rav4 blue again going up this hill back home. I was carrying ceramic plates and dishes back in my trunk, so I was just cruising. This guy decides to keep up behind me. When we get to the bottom of the hill, I'm off with my regular start up the hill. He decides to floor it. I hear the soft roar of the engine at WOT, but don't see anything coming up for 1.5 seconds. Then I see him slowly walk away up the hill by about 2 car lengths. When we stop for the stop sign up ahead, he rolls through it and then floors it to the next stop sign only 6 houses down the street, then rolls it and floors it again. That whole time I only went up 40% throttle and stopped at every stop sign. He wasn't worth my time. It was a high school or college kid and I saw him smirk on the way up. He's just lucky we weren't taking any turns. I suppose my magnaflow exhaust is not exactly quiet at 40% throttle so it seemed like I was trying? These people are all lucky I'm not stooping down to their level and going reckless just to prove something trivial especially even when I'm not in my other cars.


Killed another titanium grey mazda 3  I'm guessing this person is just going home after work towards SF from the north bay. i rarely go there, but i'm going the same way and just trying to go uphill. so this mazda 3 i think was trying to ditch me on the uphill huge sloping curves, but we both have no power to accelerate away lol, but it wasn't leaving me behind, and i was trying not to go crazy with my passenger in the car.

so we reach the top of the uphill climb and we start going downhill. the mazda 3 cuts over and is now taking the downhill turns which are tighter turns at 70-75. i start catching up but not even gassing much, just enough to cruise up. i easily catch up as the mazda 3 was getting scared of taking those turns at 70-75. i pass not even close to the limit of grip maybe 60-70% max grip used. i cruised by exiting the last curve and then cut behind some slow cars to take in the view of the golden gate bridge. never even got to hear the deep growl of my intake lol

Killed by a mitsubishi 3000gt white and janky, dirty, but lowered. i'm still heading home, again just cruising. we stop at a two-lane right turn. i need to be in his lane, but i know that i'm slow, so i hesitated enough and guess what? he gasses it out of there, and i expected that. so i go directly behind him into his lane. and i get into my lane for the next two-lane turn this time making a left at the stoplight. i obviously stop behind the line a bit. and when the stoplight turned green, i press on it as normally and accelerate slowly, but he was caught off guard and somehow got ahead by 2-3 feet. so then he gets the car moving (now, i realize he's driving a stick shift), and we make the turn next to each other. then on the straight, he floors it. i laugh to myself knowingly as i cruise. it got pretty far, it had a good deep sound as the driver let go at 5-6 cars ahead. Then i see the whole car go dip and then lurch hella hard LOL.

now i definitely know that it's a stick shift as i cruise up to the next stop sign. man, if onlyl i could show that driver that i was laughing at what he had to do just to kill my geo prizm on every single stop and go while i was cruising home. and i saw that they were wearing a hoodie and slouching over towards the window, so i knew they were kids probably asian. the 3000gt looked pretty fast though, and i am pretty sure it's stock at 220 hp or whatever it is. man, i can't imagine how my car looks from the outside going 100% :-D oh, and it was heavy traffic at both intersections at dusk, and i did not check for cops. i was hoping he'd get caught haha i bet this driver floors it on every car at a stop. too bad since it's a nice car but will get owned by many modern cars out there. this is the origin of a ricer and/or a wrecked car."

2) Early/2007: White riced integra tried to start a race with me uphill. Even against a stock integra, I'd have no chance, so I ignored him. He floors it anyway and cuts me off, but this incident wasn't too bad.

3) 9/2007 : Prizm killed a newer SUV. We both were merging on the on-ramp and I was already ahead but he wanted to squeeze past me. After the merge, he wanted to go on the fast lane, but there was a car that blocked him. So I went ahead of that car in the fast lane. He tried to follow me on a normal curve on the highway.  When I look back after the curve, his car had gone into the far shoulder almost into the divider and he was trying to jerk his car back onto the road. 3/2008: Now thinking back, this was pretty dangerous and stupid...but now i know how to ditch a troublesome SUV heh

4) 9/2007: Silver Civic SI hatch with two fat kids killed the Prizm. I was merging on the on-ramp and accelerating normally. They were 3-4 cars behind me and I was already at the end of the merge. Sure enough, he accelerates by at the last gap because I could have blocked the end of the merge but did not block because I didn't think he was gonna be a dick. He had to slow down in front of me anyway after being a dick, so I cut into the next lane nonchalantly still accelerating normally and slowly pass him. Apparently, he didn't like this and he tailed me. The other lane was open for awhile but I chose not to take it and chose instead to cruise to see how long this guy would be content tailing me. Not for long as expected as he goes WOT into that lane and then cuts back 5 lanes through traffic to make the exit that he was apparently aiming for in the first place. It was a pretty slow ricer fly-by.

5) 10/2007 : Prizm killed a 1980's camry on wet pavement. He was flooring it at each stoplight and was spinning his wheels, so I kept my distance. Well, he was at a stoplight, and I was still rolling in the other lane when the light turned green, so I kept going now in front by luck of the stoplight. Apparently, he was trying to keep up, so we came onto this turn with a huge bump. Two of my tires might have lifted as I slowed down to go around the bump, but he was far behind in the end.

6) 10/2007 : Honda Accord V6 Red with Gold emblems killed the Prizm when I was not even trying. I was already ahead in traffic and could have cut into his lane a long time ago to get further but I wasn't rushing anywhere, but I didn't cut over because my turn was coming up.  I was at a stop sign fully stopped. As I was accelerating normally, he comes up next to me and skips the stop to launch even with me. I wasn't even aware that he was trying to get ahead until then, and then I heard him go WOT.

7) Black 2000+ Eclipse GT-S

Local cars around Daly City that must prove themselves to be the fastest sh*t on the road
even against a stock 100hp geo prizm:

front side of the neighborhood:
black 2007 bmw 325i
some rundown wagon/box from the 80's or 90's dirty black turned right towards downhill side streets
white Scion tc
white sc430

back side of the neighborhood:
silver mercedes c230
green and/or blue jettas with ghetto exiles most likely wannabes
many SUV's flooring it up the hill

1997 Geo Prizm Midnight Green - 159k miles and counting 4afe

Verified trader: same screen name across forums and on ebay
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PostSubject: Re: Adventures on the Road / Crazy Drivers / Idiots / Dashcam / Norcal / Socal    Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:11 pm

hahah. some really awesome stories bro


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PostSubject: Re: Adventures on the Road / Crazy Drivers / Idiots / Dashcam / Norcal / Socal    

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Adventures on the Road / Crazy Drivers / Idiots / Dashcam / Norcal / Socal
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